Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular crypto currency for trading in all regions of the world, but American investors are the biggest fans of crypto currency, according to a new report.

On August 6, leading cryptomontage analysis firm Chainalysis released a report dedicated to key trends in the North American cryptomontage market. According to the report, North American investors „disproportionately favor Bitcoin“ over other cryptosystems such as Ether (ETH) or XRP.

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Bitcoin accounts for 72% of all cryptomoney operations in North America
While Bitcoin is the most widely traded crypt currency in the world, North America accounts for 72 percent of the total volume of transactions in the asset, according to the report. By comparison, in regions such as Africa and Western Europe, Bitcoin’s commercial activity amounts to 69% and 66%, respectively.

Altcoins such as Ether or XRP make up the smallest share of total crypto currency trading activity in North America among other regions, accounting for only 17%. In contrast, the share of altcoin trade in Central and South Asia and East Asia represents 35% and 33% of total cryptomone trading activity, respectively. Stable currencies such as Tether (USDT) were not counted in the category of alternative currencies, Chainalysis said.

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American traders prefer to hodl more than Asian traders
According to Chainalysis‘ findings, professional and institutional investors based in North America are also among the world’s largest cryptosystems. According to the report, North American investors are more likely to buy and hold crypto currencies than those based in East Asia, whose trade intensity is significantly higher.

According to the report, trading intensity on East Asian-based exchanges was almost double that of North American trading centers last year.

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