• Kevin O’Leary of “Shark Tank” fame is worried about how the U.S. government is dealing with crypto regulation, believing that all the country needs is policy to ensure the industry remains safe and sound.
• O’Leary also thinks it’s very important that more action be taken to ensure all crypto companies are running on clean energy.
• Musk also recently chimed in about crypto’s energy usage, wanting Tesla customers to be able to buy vehicles with bitcoin.

Kevin O’Leary’s Opinion on Crypto Regulation

Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame believes that the United States needs to change its attitude towards crypto regulation. He commented that the federal government does not need to do anything fancy or special; rather, they just need to implement the right rules to ensure the industry is safe and sound for all.

O’Leary’s Stance on Clean Energy

O’Leary is adamant about making sure crypto companies use clean energy sources for mining activities instead of carbon offsets, suggesting hydro or nuclear power as alternatives. This opinion has been shared by several other reports which have highlighted how current crypto mining practices utilize more energy than most third-world countries do now.

Elon Musk’s Attitude Towards Mining

Elon Musk – billionaire entrepreneur behind SpaceX and Tesla – recently stated his desire for Tesla customers to be able to buy vehicles with Bitcoin, which caused BTC prices to shoot up quickly in response. This further demonstrates his opinion on cryptocurrencies and their potential use in society, though he has yet to elaborate further on his stance towards mining itself.


Overall, both Kevin O’Leary and Elon Musk have expressed strong opinions regarding cryptocurrency regulations and mining practices respectively, advocating for more stringent policies and cleaner energy sources moving forward. Their views demonstrate an increased level of support within mainstream culture as well as a higher level of awareness towards how digital assets can shape our future economic landscape if properly managed from a regulatory standpoint.


It’s clear that both Kevin O’Leary and Elon Musk are taking a keen interest in cryptocurrency regulations and mining practices respectively – advocating for policy changes as well as cleaner energy sources moving forward – demonstrating an increased level of mainstream support towards digital assets while increasing awareness around their potential uses in our future economy if handled correctly from a regulatory standpoint